We are thrilled to announce the publication of the Abstract Book for the EHMA 2023 Annual Conference. This book serves as a collection of best practices and solutions, offering a selection of research that delves into forthcoming trends in health management.

As the preeminent annual meeting of health management, the EHMA Annual Conference has earned its esteemed reputation through the outstanding contributions of abstract presenters, not just within Europe but across the globe. By providing a platform for researchers, practitioners and experts dedicated to investigating the practice of health management, this book propels us towards the achievement of excellence in health management, creating opportunities for dialogue to foster the sustainability and resilience of health systems throughout Europe.

The EHMA 2023 Abstract Book provides a glimpse into the current status of the management of European health systems and organisations, while also serving as a window into future trends in health management.

The EHMA 2023 Abstract Book is published as a special edition of ProspettiveInOrganizzazione, a journal that shares EHMA’s mission to promote knowledge exchange in management, with a particular focus on the healthcare sector.

Held under the theme ‘Health management: sustainable solutions for complex systems’, EHMA 2023 features 20 oral abstract sessions, 5 scientific dialogues and a poster exhibition where authors present their research which will be crucial in informing, transforming, and ultimately improving the management of health systems, organisations, and service delivery.

By facilitating the sharing of best practices and fostering meaningful connections between health leaders and managers, we can collectively shape the future of health management and drive positive change to the benefit of European patients and citizens.

Download the EHMA 2023 Abstract Book, a testament to the dedication, expertise, and innovation of health management professionals in Europe and worldwide. Together, let us forge a path towards excellence in health management and create a more sustainable future for health systems.