Announcing EHMA’s 28th Annual Conference

The European Health Management Association’s 2023 Annual Conference

Brussels, 23 November 2022   |  The European Health Management Association (EHMA) will host our 28th Annual Conference on the 5 -7 June 2023 in Rome, Italy, in partnership with ALTEMS, Advanced School of Health Economics and Management, Faculty of Economics, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Rome.

The conference theme ‘Health management: sustainable solutions for complex systems’ will provide health managers with a high-level forum to share evidence and best practices to excel in health systems amidst the current ‘permacrisis’.

Three years of the COVID pandemic have exposed gaps and vulnerabilities in European health systems that are pushing healthcare professionals to a breaking point. As health systems manage burdens from inflation, war, and climate change, the importance of sustainable solutions for health system viability requires deeper analysis. How can health systems adapt and evolve to the changing needs of the population and environment when the path is undefined?

”The EHMA Conference is the preeminent place for today’s and tomorrow’s health leaders and managers to share experiences, skills and competencies. Every year we bring together experts from across Europe and the world to discuss solutions to the future of health management. With a rich and diverse programme, the conference offers a unique opportunity to find answers to some of the most difficult problems in leading and managing the health systems.”

Sandra C. Buttigieg, President, EHMA Board

Sustainable solutions and strategic thinking continue to be required to drive the transformation of health systems. For health managers, the EHMA conference provides access to a community of experienced leaders delivering sustainable change for the provision of high-quality healthcare.

“ALTEMS recognise that the challenges that European health systems are facing can only be overcome with innovative approaches, out-of-the-box thinking, and multistakeholder involvement. We are proud to co-host the EHMA Conference, which provides a highly accessible and well-established platform where people can debate and engage in issues that affect them, where they feel they can advocate for change, and find solutions.”

Americo Cicchetti, Director of ALTEMS, Catholic University of Sacred Heart

 The EHMA 2023 Annual Conference will be the occasion for health managers, policymakers, and professionals to access high-calibre research, tools and evidence from renowned researchers, academics and professionals to navigate the extended period of instability and insecurity being experienced by our health systems.