Health systems rely on their workforce. An optimal staff planning, stimulating remunerations and incentives, and appropriate competence building are crucial to staff wellbeing and organisations’ functioning. However, countries are experiencing difficulties with health workforce education, employment, mobility, and retention. Long working hours, high level of stress, inadequate moral and financial recognition to the education level do not increase the attractiveness of the sector for young professionals. Health professionals often lack the skills that the digital transformation of healthcare requires.

This year we received 22 research abstracts submitted under the track ‘Human capital, professionalism and people management. EHMA 2023 will feature three dedicated oral abstract sessions where presenters will address pressing challenges faced by the health workforce and investigate management tools to support professional collaborations and relationships among health professionals and improve the working conditions of health and care workers.

On the first day of the conference, the abstract session on ‘Health workforce wellbeing, stress and burnout’ will address current challenges faced by the health workforce, such as ageing workforce, retention policies, and growing violence affecting health worker groups. The evidence presented will provide solutions to implement proper management of human resources.

The second day of the conference will see the abstract session on ‘Community and primary care solutions’ that will discuss social and health integration in primary care, and improvements for the recruitment and retainment of the health workforce, with a particular focus on community and primary care settings and their role in addressing health system challenges.

Finally, on the last day the abstract session on ‘Health workforce wellbeing, stress and burnout will provide evidence and frameworks on the health workforce wellbeing and working conditions. Particular attention will be paid to stress management, job satisfaction, relationships among peers, work environment, and knowledge sharing.

These sessions will deliver valuable insights into the integral role of the health workforce in the functioning, resilience, and sustainability of health systems. By prioritising the health and wellbeing of our workforce, we can ensure that our health systems continue to provide high-quality care to those who need it most.

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