This year, we are excited to introduce a new category of sessions, called ‘Scientific Dialogues’. These dialogues will provide an opportunity for participants to engage in meaningful discussions with experienced professionals in the field of health management. These sessions will foster a collaborative environment where attendees can share their experiences, ask questions, learn from international peers and receive feedback on their research.

Throughout the conference, we will host three scientific dialogues under the track ‘Management, Operations and Practice’. These dialogues will explore best practices, innovative models and approaches to shape people-centred systems, apply digital technologies in healthcare systems, and improve access to care services.

During the first day, the scientific dialogue ‘Shaping people-centred systems’ will showcase best practices in the transformation of health systems and organisations towards a patient-centric approach. The spotlight will be on innovative models of organisational culture, structure, and management that are driving positive changes in healthcare.

On the second day, the scientific dialogue ‘Managing the digital transformation’ will discuss the transformational impact of digital technologies – such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, telemedicine, blockchain – and their applications on healthcare systems and patient care; while the one on ‘Improving access, delivery and outcomes’ will discuss socio-economic and other determinants of health inequalities, barriers to accessing care, innovative approaches to organising healthcare settings, and potential solutions to alleviate the strain on healthcare systems.

These sessions will provide a platform for open dialogue and knowledge-sharing, enabling attendees to gain insights from experienced practitioners in the field of health management. The scientific dialogues will promote cross-pollination and inspire attendees to think critically about the challenges facing health systems today. We look forward to hosting these sessions and encourage everyone to join us for what promises to be a thought-provoking conference.

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