Health is a fundamental human right. To protect this right, European citizens need to have equitable access to high-quality care, which relies on health systems and services that are financially sustainable. At the European Health Management Conference, decision-makers, health managers and care professionals will exchange ideas, perspectives, and best practices on how to effectively navigate the economic factors influencing our health systems and how to design financing strategies that enhance access to care.

Having high-level conversations about health economics and finance is more important than ever. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the vulnerability of the financial structures supporting our health systems and the challenges we face in making these structures more resilient. We concurrently need to optimise spending, invest in innovation and digital transition, improve our tracking of medical stocks to prevent shortages and develop new models for decision-making. A shift towards value-based decision-making and optimal resource allocation informed by economic evaluation can help us overcome these challenges. Adopting lean management strategies can also help us to contain expenditures while still delivering quality and value in our health systems.

As the professionals who are often responsible for ensuring the financial sustainability of our health systems, and those tasked with implementing economically sound procurement and care delivery strategies, health managers are well placed to lead constructive dialogue on these topics.

For these reasons, Finance and Economics has been chosen as one of the Tracks for EHMA 2024. Tracks and topics have been identified in consultation with our Board of Directors, Scientific Advisory Committee and members.

If you have done research on the drivers of healthcare spending, modelling for the allocation of health resources, or work on any other topic relevant to health system finance or health economics, present your results before scholars, researchers, health managers, healthcare professionals, decision- and policy-makers.
Submit your abstract by Monday, 15 January 2024 at 10.00 (CET).
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