Policy decisions made at the local, regional, national, and European level have an important impact on health systems, care delivery, and practitioners. A comprehensive understanding of the policy landscape and mechanisms can facilitate the adoption of innovative solutions to improve health outcomes. This requires a focus on the development, planning, implementation and evaluation of policies and regulations that affect the practice of health management at all levels.

By understanding and engaging with policy mechanisms, health managers can contribute to long-term strategic thinking and policy development, influence the political debate at the local, national and European level, and raise policy priorities in connection with health management challenges. Furthermore, health managers can provide insights on needed health reforms and paradigm shifts, thus supporting policies that are evidence- and practice-based.

In the last few years, topics that require new regulations have emerged. The policies developed for such developments will have a major impact on European health systems and health management practices. Particularly after the COVID-19 pandemic, regulations and policies on the use of digital technologies and access to health data have seen a growing presence on the policy scene. Health managers have the opportunity and the responsibility to fully exploit the potential of these transformations, while contributing to their regulation with expertise based in their daily practice. A continuous dialogue with decision-makers is crucial to this end.

The European Health Management Conference facilitates such a dialogue. It provides a unique place for health managers, researchers, healthcare professionals, hospital administrators, and academics to exchange knowledge on ways to lead, manage, and regulate health systems and service delivery. A continuous dialogue and exchange of information promote stakeholders’ alignment in efforts and expectations, foster knowledge building and policy development, and ultimately pave the way to a better health for European citizens.

Policy and regulations is one of the five tracks shaping the programme of EHMA 2024, together with five topics that represent current trends in healthcare. Tracks and topics have been identified in consultation with our Board of Directors, our Scientific Advisory Committee, and our membership.

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