15-17 September 2021 Digital Conference [email protected]

Supporting research on health management – the Karolinska Medical Management Center & EHMA Research Award

Also this year the EHMA Conference is pleased to host the Karolinska Medical Management Centre (MMC) & EHMA Research Award promoting high-quality research on health management.  Now at its 19th edition, the Award was created to stimulate early career researchers to engage in healthcare management research. Since its establishment in 2002, the award has attracted […]

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Health Workforce

Investing in the health workforce In the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the centrality of the health workforce in the resilience and sustainability of health systems. Health system capacities are being stretched in unprecedented ways and Europe is experiencing shortages of healthcare workers. The needs of patients are rising; the need for changes […]

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Environmental Sustainability of health systems

Role of the health sector in reducing the burden of air pollution The COVID-19 pandemic has been referred to as a ‘once in a century’ shock, but “looming crises, such as climate change and environmental degradation, are likely to increase the probability of repeated public health shocks”(1).   One of the examples provided in the Health at a Glance: Europe 2020 report is that of […]

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EHMA 2021: the theme and sub-themes

EHMA 2021’s theme, ‘Health Management: managing the present and shaping the future’, is placing an emphasis on the need for health systems to ensure that while they are managing the current health emergencies, needs, and challenges, they are also preparing and shaping their future.

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Health Management: managing the present and shaping the future

Over the last year, health systems across Europe have encountered the most difficult times for a generation. Throughout the world, health services buckled under the strain of COVID-19, confronting enormous challenges around hospital capacity and workforce planning during a pandemic. As managers are pondering whether there will be a return to a ‘new normal’, important […]

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Call for Abstracts for the EHMA 2021 Annual Conference

EHMA is pleased to launch the Call for Abstracts for the EHMA 2021 Annual Conference. Participate in the EHMA 2021 Annual Conference by sharing your research with the full health management ecosystem.  Your research will be fundamental to identify, discuss and address current and future needs of health management in Europe and worldwide. EHMA 2021 will give you the opportunity to […]

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Save the date for EHMA 2021!

This year, for its 26th edition, the EHMA Annual Conference will be taking place digitally through the lens of Lisbon, Portugal on 15-17 September 2021. We are pleased to be hosted by the Associação Portuguesa de Administradores Hospitalares (APAH). The EHMA Conference is the place for all healthcare stakeholders to come together, discuss current topics and exchange innovation and best practices. We strive […]

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