EHMA 2024 is the 29th edition of the European Health Management Conference, that this year explores the theme ‘Shaping and managing innovative health ecosystems’. Our conference is a great platform to showcase cutting-edge research, share provocative ideas, and discuss complex problems with a view to reaching implementable solutions. Every year, our conference attracts researchers from leading universities, practitioners, health managers and leaders, creating space to exchange knowledge on excellent delivery of healthcare and showcase best practices at the country, systems, and organisational levels. The conference is abstract-driven and features research by leading experts on the most contemporary topics in health management. It is a place for all healthcare stakeholders to come together to exchange innovation and best practices.

Within the holistic practice of health management, a prominent place is given to governance, leadership and social responsibility. Health systems and organisations’ governance sets and oversees clear strategic objectives to ensure the quality and safety of patient care, service performance and compliance with laws, regulations, and ethical responsibilities. Although complex and evolving, effective governance is essential to achieve objectives, drive improvements, and deliver valued outcomes for citizens and patients. A key principle of governance is leadership that must be embedded within governance systems to ensure that systems and organisations are led to accomplish their objectives and meet their strategic goals. Social responsibility is equally important. It is an ethical framework that underlines how the choices of individuals may affect the whole society. Applied to health management, social responsibility is strictly interlinked with the concepts of resilience and sustainability. Health professionals, health managers, and health systems should be accountable for their behaviours toward society.

Governance, leadership and social responsibility is one of the five tracks shaping the program of EHMA 2024, together with five topics that represent current trends in healthcare. Tracks and topics have been identified in consultation with our Board of Directors, our Scientific Advisory Committee, and our membership.

Have you carried out research focusing on leadership theories, governance, performance management or ethics of health services and systems? Share your results with the health management community at EHMA 2024!
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