The European Health Management Conference is an annual gathering bringing together health managers and leaders to share views, perspectives, and challenges from their profession. By encouraging the exchange of best practices, provocative ideas and forward-looking solutions, EHMA strives to enhance the capacity and capability of health management to deliver high-quality healthcare for the benefit of European citizens.

The COVID-19 pandemic caught health systems and organisations unprepared and underscored the necessity for health managers and administrators to cope with the unknown. To prepare for future threats but also to function effectively, efficiently, and sustainably, health organisations require a clear strategy, excellent organisation, and scalable management models. Health managers play a central role in leading these efforts.

Some of health managers’ key responsibilities relate to management, operations and practice. This encompasses some core functions of health management: namely, planning, organising, staffing, controlling, directing, risk-assessing, and decision-making. Health managers are responsible for effectiveness, efficiency, and equity in the resource allocation and decision-making. The proper exercise of these functions is necessary to ensure the quality of care services and the reliability of health organisations, especially in times of crisis.

EHMA 2024 will discuss on how to organise and ensure equitable access to healthcare services, and will present new developments in healthcare delivery models. Health managers from across Europe and beyond will access best practices, evidence-based research, and lessons learnt on how to manage health systems and organisations in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic and in a context of complex transformation of care delivery in Europe.

‘Management, operations and practice’ is one of the five tracks shaping the agenda of EHMA 2024, alongside five topics that represent current trends in healthcare. Tracks and topics have been identified in consultation with our Board of Directors, our Scientific Advisory Committee, and our membership.

Have you carried out research focusing on case studies and practice within the scope of management models? You have the chance to present your results with 400+ representatives of the health care ecosystem.
Submit your abstract by Monday, 15 January 2024 at 10.00 (CET).

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