Announcing the European Health Management Conference to take place in Bucharest, Romania on 5-7 June 2024

Brussels, 17 October 2023   |  The European Health Management Association (EHMA), the Ministry of Health of Romania and the National Institute of Health Services Management (INMSS) announce the 29th edition of the European Health Management Conference to take place in Bucharest, Romania on 5-7 June 2024.

“I am honoured to make Romania the host country of the EHMA Conference. We are on track to position Romanian health management to its highest standard by offering new educational paths to professionals at the service of the public health system. I look forward to showcasing our lessons learnt and best practices alongside the rest of our European colleagues, with the shared vision of advancing health management research and collaboration.” – Prof Alexandru Rafila, Minister of Health of Romania

The conference theme, ‘Shaping and managing innovative health ecosystems’ encompasses the entire spectrum of health megatrends. From the digital transformation of healthcare, to the ever-growing importance of sustainability, and the evolving workforce skills needs, the Conference will explore how the health sector is adapting to these changes. The emphasis is on an ecosystem approach, promoting collaboration and facilitating dialogue on how different health care actors can work together and leverage each other’s strengths to drive innovation.

“The National Institute for Health Services Management recognises that continuously strengthening health and care services management is essential to address the challenges facing our health systems. This can only happen through robust multistakeholder partnerships and knowledge exchange.” – Prof. Dr. Cristian Vladescu, Director of the National Institute for Health Services Management.

The European Health Management Conference has a long-standing history in bridging research and practice in health management. World-renowned institutions, researchers and practitioners gather every year to share high-level research in health management, as the Conference provides a platform to ensure that such knowledge is implementable and transferable to different contexts, regions and countries.

The EHMA Conference has a strong focus on innovative practices, and we offer a unique place to exchange knowledge on ways to leading, managing and organising health care services and leading health systems in times of constant transformation.” – Prof Sandra C. Buttigieg, MD, President of the European Health Management Association.

Bringing together the entire health ecosystem, EHMA 2024 will facilitate a multidisciplinary and multistakeholder approach to identifying innovative solutions to achieving excellent health management practices in Europe and beyond.